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How do I buy pre-IPO stocks?

Starting a pre-IPO stock investment journey in Nepal offers an exciting opportunity for investors to capitalize on a company's growth trajectory before its public appearance. The first of many important steps in the process is to have a thorough understanding of what pre-IPO equities are. What is pre-IPO stock? These equities are shares that the firm makes accessible to a small number of investors before its first public offering (IPO). Pre-IPO equities are generally only available to workers of the firm, high-net-worth individuals, and institutional investors. They present a rare chance to interact with a company's potential for growth and success early in its corporate journey. Regulating bodies and risk concerns have unfortunately made it impossible for the general public to apply for pre-IPOs in Nepal at this time. Institutional investors and accredited high-net-worth individuals are the only ones with access to pre-IPO prospects people. However, here are some best shares t